Saturday, 26 March 2011

Bairnsdale Experience

Hello to all,

     John and I  are in a rural area, Bairnsdale. We are doing well down here. We found the way to get here very easily but don't know about the way back to Clifton Hill???

Father Joe and brother Noel welcome us to the community and take care of us very well. We went to Nagle College on last Fri. met the principal, Rob and having a meeting with teachers, they are friendly and fantastic teacher. The first day at school I feel like when I was in my first day of school in Thailand. Many teachers and students, they are more than a thousand all together.

Mon -
Wed this week John and I went in Year 12 retreat in Feathertop. It took about 4 hours to get there. It was a wonderful retreat, really. Father Peter, the parish priest of St Mary's Bairnsdale came to say Mass, students behaved themselves very well. Teachers have done fantastic jobs.

Today, we participated in RE class with Year 9 then having a chance to talk to the principal, went to the new year school mass in the primary school, another school close by. In the afternoon we went to Year 8 class, when they were studying about Asia and the Pacific, I think we spent more than 20 minutes for answering the questions, now John can be a teacher in Nagle College, I reckon!

Last thing is fishing, Sunday after lunch father Joe took me to the lake somewhere I can't remember for fishing. I think catching young people is more easier!!!!

Thank you all, for reading my e-mail. God bless you all.


Monday, 21 March 2011

84 Years Young - in Mind & Heart!

Hi, I’m 'Astonished'               [Fr Leo, with his brother's cake]

         Tonight,  Fr Leo Heriot’s brother, Fr Lou, thoroughly entertained us during our dinner! His jovial expression of stories and anecdotes was captivating! He showed us how to be youthful in mind though he celebrates his 84th Birthday tomorrow! The ‘Good old Days’ of Seminary life were tough ... with studies in Latin, Magnum Silentium, and peer evaluation!

Fr Lou told a story of when he was asked to smuggle food to a needy family across the Berlin Wall while under the vigilance of the Border Guards. Another tale was when his fellow seminarians made a hoax phone call to get a senior staff member out of bed (after his strict 9pm curfew!) to attend the Bishop in hospital who had a broken leg. In fact, the Bishop was fast asleep at home!

Our Dining Room lights were dimmed and in came the smallest birthday cake I have ever seen, the size of a 50c piece! The little candle was bigger than the cake!  All in the spirit of Lent! Fr Lou kindly halved the cake with his brother!

Dat's Vietnamese Restaurant

Hi, I am Dat

          It was my turn to cook  the Sunday meal last weekend. So my nieces & nephew were interested in cooking. They came and prepared a wonderful meal for the community. Fr Paul liked that idea – because we didn’t spend any money that day! We had a lot of fun at the table including bottles of home-made beer! Half of the huge pot of beautiful soup was enjoyed at the table and the other half when we returned from the concluding Don Bosco Relic Mass at Brunswick. My kind nieces & nephew wouldn’t even let the Brothers wash the dishes!

Samoan Youth and Don Bosco Relic Visit

Hi, I’m Br Ralph 

     This last weekend, focussed around the Relic Statue of Don Bosco, was pretty hectic. Fr John Papworth asked if the Samoan Youth could prepare a cultural presentation. We chose  Don Bosco’s dream for Australia but firstly, the kids performed a Samoan traditional story about how the first missionaries arrived in our country. The story starts with Malietoa, a ruler, who gave up his old ruthless ways of ruling so he can accept the new kingdom which was fortold by a warrior goddess and came to fruition with the missionaries eventually brought this kingdom on our shores. We organised 3 rehearsals within 7 days. The kids were pretty amazing, they were quiet at the rehearsals but brought real energy onto the stage when it counted.